Adelaide AKA Anne is a main character for Tales of the Kunoshi fanfiction.




Magen SwordsmanshipEdit

Adelaide has the ability to wield a family heirloom longsword imbued with magen. The longsword's magen can be used offensively or defensively in attacks. Her swordsmanship is just as good as Aamu's. She has mastered this power from her parents' and Aamu's grandmother's training.

Wind DetectionEdit

Adelaide has the ability to detect wind. She can use this to pinpoint where the wind is coming from and what type of wind it is. Due to having this ability, she is the navigator in her group. She gained this power from being exposed to flecks.



Physical AppearanceEdit

Adelaide has a dark brown round face, white spots on the top of her head, her chest, her wings, and her tail, a creamy brown stomach, creamy brown legs and feet, black talons, a dark brown plumage, and dark brown eyes. As a Kunoshi, she has a yellow sun tattoo on her chest to signify that she is a Solar Squadron member, wears a detachable light turquoise hooded cloak, and has lavender dye around her eyes. She also wears dark brown gauntlets that have a black stripe through them, and silver bits on them and she has a leather pouch on one side of her body that has her family's heirloom, a longsword.


  • Aamu's grandmother has taught her, Aamu, Ainsley, Yagmina, and Yayoi how to read, write, and speak Krakish and Jouzhen as well as fighting and the ways of the Kunoshi; however, she started her studies in Krakish and Jouzhen before becoming a Kunoshi.
  • Aamu's grandfather has taught her, Aamu, Ainsley, Yagmina, and Yayoi to use both written and spoken code.