This will be a story, made entirely by fanfiction authors, that is a sequel to the War of the Ember. We are assuming Blythe is now Queen, and Gylfie, Digger, Twilight, Otulissa, Martin, and Ruby are still alive, but are very old and venerable rybs.

Part One of Three: The Unknown Threat Edit

Prologue Edit

by Snow

In the Great Ga'Hoole Tree, across the Sea of Hoolemere, there was peace. Queen Blythe had been monarch of the Tree for only three moons, but she seemed to have all the strength and dignity of her mother and father. It had been seventy-five moons since the War of the Ember, and there had been no more Pure Ones, nor were there St. Aggie's owls, and the Dragon Owls had their wings clipped, so there was peace.

Otulissa, formerly known as Otulissaryb, perched at the desk of the late ryb Ezylryb. It seemed as though because she perched at this desk, she was like the original owner. She, of course, was different from the old Whiskered Screech. She was a Spotted Owl, for one, but no matter. She picked up a quill from a heron, and was about to put quill to parchment, but another figure appeared behind her.

She swiveled her head almost all the way around. She saw her old friend, a former member of The Band, Gylfie.

"Hello, Gylfie, how are you this evening?" she asked.

The elderly Elf Owl, though small, had a rougher voice than one would have thought. "Oh, I'm fine, I was just thinking that maybe you could write another issue of the Daily Hoot, after all, the Harvest Festival is coming up."

Otulissa wilfed slightly. "It is? I completely forgot! The times do go by faster as we get older, don't they, Gylfie?"

"Yes, I suppose we do. But I feel that before we die, there should be one more adventure, just one more. It feels like The Band, as well as the Chaw of Chaws, needs to have, once more, an adventure before we die."

Otulissa churred. "Perhaps we will, my friend, perhaps we will."

Chapter One Edit

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