Aislinn is the protagonist for the "Guardians of Ga'Hoole: Elixir of The Seer" fanfiction and many more upcoming fanfictions.


She was still in her egg when found in a bush by Avilene, a Snowy Owl Guardian. The shell was cracked in the right side, which allowed the Snowy to see a little female chick. Once hatched, Avilene waited for her parents to return…but never did. Avilene took Aislinn to the Great Tree of Ga’Hoole and was given permission to adopt the owlet by King Soren. Grown as a young adult, Aislinn sulks that she may never learn how and why she was adopted nor her birth parents fates. Aislinn hopes to be tapped into Search and Rescue to find them and save owlets like her adoptive mother had. She does show signs of knowing changes in the weather and can predict when a storm will hit before it's arrival. She is now a junior at the Ga'Hoole Tree as she attends her classes and awaits anxiously to know which chaw she'll be tapped into.


Spirit sight

She can see auras around other birds in color and can see scrooms. She's unsure how she can do this or how she has it. It happens to her spontaneously, without emotional trigger and doesn't know if she could control it. She’s has yet to find out she’s a Spirit Seer. It's like an advanced form of starsight.


She is a dreamer to her eagerness to fly. But she tends to be quiet and shy as she worries that other owls will tease her about her scarred leg. Proud of her brave adoptive mother, Avilene for her duty to the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole but holds a secret resentment to her fellow owls as they talk about her mother behind her back…it's highly unusual for a Snowy to adopt a Tyto. She is loyal to her friends, daring for adventure, and compassionate for helping owls in need. Secretly has a crush on Fern (Gwendolyn's character and with permission) because they both lost parents, have disabled legs and have "special eyes".

Physical Appearance:

White heart-shaped head, light grey eyes with light brown markings along her beak, her plumage is light brown and her belly is white from her neck to her pink talons, and her beak is pink also. Her wingspan is the same as any young Tyto. She also has a scar on her right leg where she was attacked as an egg many moons ago, she has yet to learn what happened that night.

***More information will be given once the fanfictions are out.***


  • Aislinn is Irish Gaelic meaning "dream; vision"

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