The Branched Theodians are an allegedly Glaux-blessed religious organization that split off from the Old Glauxian Faith following the War of the Pure Ones. Their faith is mainly set upon the notion that Hoole wasn't the Seer to Come at all; rather, Theo was. The religion was founded and is currently led by a Snowy Owl who calls himself the Grand Theodian.

History Edit

Little is known about the origins of the Branched Theodians, but what is known is that the Grand Theodian originated from somewhere between the Ice Narrows and Broken Talon Point. He then for unknown reasons moved south to the western side of the River Hoole. This is where he supposedly was greeted by Glaux, who told him that he was to "shine the light of truth" to the owl world.

"...And He said to me, 'I have chosen you to shine the light of truth. This beautiful golden light of truth will prove your worth to Me. It was not with stars that the Night should be lengthened, but with fire.'"

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