Dark Woodland Edit

Dark Woodland Is Where Only The Evilest Long-Eared Owls Ever And Will Attack Any Other Non-Long Eared Owl That Enters The Woodland Except Battle, Dark Woodland's Leader Is Forton Who Is Looking For a Queen Of Dark Woodland And a Heir To Be The Next Leader of Dark Woodland.

Dark woodland Is Based In Dover/London Way and is a Woodland That Has Been Untouched By Humans,The Army Of Long Eared Owls Is at a Massive Number Of 11,000 But Tal'Goh (Dark Woodland's Most Feared Enemy) Will Gain More Different Species of Owls To Stop The Evilest Long-Eared Owls From Destorying The Habitats Of All The Owls In England.

Dark Woodland Has little Connection To The Pure Ones.

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