Dragon is a young Barn Owl part of the Pure One movement in the world of Travellers of Mac'Greer. He is under the rule of Tytodyre, having been kidnapped by his gang at a young age.

History Edit

Dragon was originally named Pacey. He was kidnapped along with a female owlet from a nearby nest I n a raid organized by Dhaval, Tytodyre's most trusted companion. Tytodyre proposed renaming Pacey Drago, with Pacey excitedly saying it sounded like Dragon. Looking to win the owlet over, Tytodyre let him have the name Dragon.

The young female Dragon had been kidnapped with was murdered in front of him in an effort to desesensitize him to the gang's violence. Dragon passed this test remarkably well. The brows and ridge of his facial disc were painted black to match the rest of the gang.