Einzel is a male Red Owl, Tyto soumagnei, and a former hireclaw. He was born in the very southeasternest corner of Tyto Forest, to parents who he admits that "I don't remember their names, but frankly, I don't think they'd remember mine!".

Being brought up in a unruly and wild hollow, Einzel left the nest early at a young age, having taught himself to fly, and tried as best he could to get away from his family. While journeying, he found a dying hireclaw, who Einzel wrongly assumed was dead, and tried to slip his battle claws off his talons. However, the hireclaw noticed what Einzel was doing, and to the young owl's surprise, spoke. He said:

"Go on, take 'em, I won't be needin' 'em where I'm goin'. Whether it be Hagsmire, Glaumora, or anywhere else, I won't be comin' back. Jus' use 'em right, an' make sure th' right's on th' right foot, an' the left's on th' left foot."

Einzel took them, and went on many tasks, fighting for many sides before eventually settling down in a spruce tree, in the northernmost point of Tyto. He then did work for famous individuals such as Jophar the Vile, The Coda, Zedekai Gortello, and even Phaellorious who Fears No Death.

Eventually, he was recruited by Albanus and Abelia, who, at the time, were in hiding from The Coda. The Coda eventually was defeated by the King and Queen, and Einzel was made a Guardian.

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