Ilumenna is a fan character created by user Lyze4ever. She is a female Greater Sooty Owl, and currently lives in Shadow Forest.


Ilumenna was born in Tyto Forest as a runt, not expected to live because of her small size. Thanks to the loving care of her family, especially Jihn, she managed to live. Her fortune was short lived when her parents were killed in a forest fire, while she and Jihn were spared the same fate. Now living with her brother, Ilumenna helps tend to Kopal, the newly adopted owlet, as she waits for Jihn to return from his work. To this day, Ilumenna is flully fledged, but still lives with Kopal and Jihn.


Despite living with her ill-tempered brother, Ilumenna has grown to be a rather well mannered owl with enough patience to deal with his lifestyle. She is relatively close with her elder sibling, often having to heal him after he sustains injuries from work. Despite her innocent nature, Ilumenna can get rather jealous when it comes to the affection of her brother as shown when she resented Kopal after he was adopted. Despite the setback, Ilumenna deeply cares for Kopal as she agreed to not leave until Kopal is able to care for himself. Even though she is full fledged, Ilumenna refuses to leave the hollow until she is sure Kopal and Jihn's future is safe.


A rather small female Greater Sootie Owl with white specks scattered across her underbelly. Ilumenna decorates her feathers by weaving random objects, such as feathers from other birds or berries, in random places. Her eyes are a light grey, giving her the appearance of being blind, when really, she can see quite fine.