Jihn is a fan character created by user Lyze4ever. He is a male Greater Sooty Owl, and currently lives in Shadow Forest.


Jihn was born with his family after the war of the ember and lived a relatively peaceful life without violence. A few weeks later, his sister , Ilumenna, was hatched and the two were relatively close despite their age gap. Just a day after he began his First Flight Ceremony, a forest fire caused by unknown origins destroyed his home, in which his parents died of smoke inhalation. Luckily for Jihn, he managed to save his infant sister before she would suffer the same fate. Without a home and orphaned, Jihn took his sister to Shadow Forest in hopes of living a more quieter life. Despite the change in location, winter has made living independently hard for Jihn and his sister, driving him to drink at local grog trees. His fortune changed when he started to take jobs in exchange for food, thus, being able to provide for his little sister. Months would pass and Jihn would meet Kopal, an elf owl, who begged for his aid in rescuing his parents from kraals. Unfortunately, Jihn's efforts were in vain as Kopal's parents were dead prior to the rescue. As a way to repay Kopal for his failure, Jihn adopted the fledgling. Personality

Upon dealing with constant stress on a daily basis, Jihn has a rather tired demeanor. He doesn't like to go places as often unless it involves his line of work. Jihn can also be impatient with others and is quick to anger due to his frustration of having to care for his sister alone. Despite his violent tendencies, he keeps a soft spot for his clients as well as his new family.


Jihn is an adult Greater Sootie Owl with three scars running along his chest that he got from one of his jobs as body guard. There are other scars that are also scattered here and there around his body from his job. He wears the armor that his father had forged for him before his First Flight Ceremony. The helmet is grey and has his father's mark on the front while the battle claws have his fathers name carved into the bladed part. Jihn also keeps a dagger ,forged by a roguesmith, strapped to a scabbard across his back.