Kopal is a fan character created by user Lyze4ever. He is a male Elf Owl, and currently lives in Shadow Forest.


Kopal lived a rather boisterous life with his family in the Desert of Kuneer. His father was a blacksmith and his mother gave him all the attention, with him being the only owlet. However, during his first bones ceremony, a rather strange group of owls came in and abducted his parents, leaving him alone in their cactus hollow. It wasn't until a passing Greater Sootie Owl, Jihn, noticed him and decided to carry him to his home in Shadow Forest. Kopal offered his father's belongings if Jihn found his parents. Jihn was hesitant, but agreed to search for Kopal's parents as Kopal was left alone with Ilumenna. Upon Jihn's return empty handed, Kopal soon learned that his parents were killed when his father owed them a debt that was due that evening. Despite Kopal not having anything to give Jihn, he was allowed to take full residence with Jihn and his sister. Over time, he started to look up to Jihn as a father figure, but is disdainful with Jihn's occupation. Nonetheless, he stays with the family for as long as he can until he would leave the hollow.


Kopal is a bit of a naïve and shy individual, not knowing how to interact with others. Despite his seemingly fragile nature, he will fight back the moment he hears a remark about his height, with him being an elf owl. Kopal is very loyal to Jihn as he reminds him of his father, but worries that one day, owls will be after Jihn. Ilumenna and Kopal didn't like each other at first, with both insulting each others height. Kopal eventually earned the trust of Ilumenna and the two became close as friends.


Kopal is a rather light brown Elf owl with bright amber eyes. Kopal hasn't yet fully molted and has a few splotches of down on his back and on his torso.