"Life only happens once, and thanks to Glaux, I was given a second chance" -Kyra

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Kyra is a Barn Owl and main character in the fanfiction "Legend of the Guardians Owls of Ga'Hoole: The Resistance" created by BrightTyto. She was born in the Great tree of Ga'Hoole and was raised by the Purge.

History Edit

Fifty years after Kathryn Lasky's "The War of the Ember" peace remains in Ga'Hoole, but not for long. When Kyra was born a large army of owls called The Purge attacked the tree and kidnapped several owlets including Kyra. Over the next several months, Kyra was trained to become a skillful fighter and killer by her foster parent, Sharrd. However when Kyra learnd through her firesight that the purpose of the Purge was to resurrect an old army of tytos called the Pure Ones, she left in search for the Guardians and for her father who could possibly still be alive. There she discovers who she truly is and what she was meant for: To become a Guardian of Ga'hoole.

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Book cover created by KyraTheBrightTyto

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Fan art by TheMangaPost on DeviantArt