Levi is a male Barn Owl (Tyto alba) and the main character of Travellers of Mac'Greer, a fanfiction loosely based on the Guardians of Ga'hoole series. He was created by user OdelayOwl.

Description Edit

Levi is a pale Barn Owl, with a white chest, beige back and wings, and expansive grey speckling. He has a pink beak and dark eyes, and is often seen wearing a necklace holding a shard of flint. In some drawings he's pictured with hazel eyes.

Name Edit

Levi was named after a former classmate in OdelayOwl's grade 6 class. The name has biblical origins, and means "joined in harmony".

History Edit

Levi was born in the village of Incture, Scotland, to his mother Semper and father Audax. He had a brother, Charlie, who hatched around the same time as him. Growing up, Levi loved hearing his father tell stories of faraway lands. Levi was a curious owlet, taking risks, while his brother was more introverted and less adventurous.

To Venture Edit

While out hunting with his brother near the family hollow, Levi comes across Goth, a young Northern Hawk Owl. Goth claims to be from a faraway land called Canada, which intrigues Levi.

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