Luna is a snowy white owl is one of the species. In the film Owl of Na'Hoom. She is orphaned at St. Aggie's but when she meet Soren, and Gylfie, she stick together. Unlike Gylfie, She is less afraid and more brave. Like her parents, she is like them, but she is different, she had blue markings on her eyes, green-blue pupils with shadowy and shady eye-lashes and blue feathers, like Nyra, they had colour on its feathers, but they were blue instead of red. She has blue-purplish-grey spots on her body.

She is voiced by Elle Fanning.


Character DesignEdit



Luna is sweet, sensitive, respect, and a very good listener, she is listen to her father's stories, Like Soren. She believes in the guardians, like him. She could see at night with colourful visionary eyes. Luna trust her gizzard by flying upside down by holding it. She is dreamy and she always comes around quickly. She is smart and very determined to find the tree with her friends.


  • She is voiced by Elle Fanning, who voiced Winnie in The Boxtrolls and Felicie in Ballerina.