Rasia is a female Long-eared Owl born around the time of The Siege. She was created by user Odelayowl.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Rasia was hatched at the Great Tree to her parents Roald and Halyn not long before the siege of the Pure Ones. Her parents protected her during the battle, making do with the food rations, although young Rasia became rather skinny and frail, a trait she would keep her whole life. After The Siege was over, her parents had another egg, Jackopa. Jackopa grew up better-nourished then Rasia had been during the siege, and she looked down on him for this, figuring he had everything handed to him.

Adulthood Edit

Rasia made many friends around the great tree, including Roden (a Boreal Owl), Edom (a Powerful Owl), Gethsemane (a Sooty Owl) and Rividak (another Long-eared Owl). In one plotline, she was also a good friend of Callum. She was tapped to be in navigation, but also showed an interest in the healing arts, learning from the matrons in her spare time. While on a mission with her chaw in Silverveil, she collided with a branch, leaving a scar near her left eye. Often she would lie and say it was a battle scar.

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