Reginleif or just "Regin" for short is a barn owl living in the Tyto forest with her parents and older sister.


Regin has a pure white chest with a few speckles, she is chestnut color and grey splotche, her face is pure white with some freckle, her eyes are black but in the sun they look dark green. She often wears leaf battle claws when branching.


Reginleif is very energeti, running around the hollow, she dreams of going to the great tree of Ga'hoole and defeating Metal beak, she watches her parents go hunt and her sister practice flying. When branching, Reginleif thinks of herself swooping down and ending Metal Beak with her talons.



Brana is Regin's mother, she has dark brown feathers with black splotches. like Regin, her eyes are black put actually blue when the sun shines on them.


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