Ordeals From the Owl Kingdoms is a play-by-post (PBP) role-playing session initiated by user Snowstripe the Fierce. It is not considered canonical within the Guardians of Ga'Hoole timeline, and is made simply for the enjoyment of the player. References and statements made about original characters, locations, and events within the universe of Guardians of Ga'Hoole cannot be considered canon either.

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Announced by user Lyze4ever: This takes place approximately years after Hoole becomes king and before Theo lead the hagsfiends to the Middle Kingdoms. However, the Pure Ones are just beginning their rein of terror.

Characters Edit

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  • Ivan
    • Species: Long-eared owl
    • Gender: Male
    • Level: N/A
    • Chaw: Search-and-rescue
    • Birthplace: The Barrens
    • Allegiance: Hoolian Empire
    • Other Information: N/A

  • Jihn
    • Species: Greater Sootie owl
    • Gender: Male
    • Level: N/A
    • Birthplace: Tyto Forest
    • Allegiance: Free Flier
    • Other Information: N/A

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No explicit content.

This means that adult jokes, situations, and imagery aren't allowed. Although the majority of us as players don't have pure and innocent minds, that doesn't mean that someone with one won't be reading this, and such themes may ruin their view of Mrs. Lasky's series.

No excessive violence or gore.

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RPG:Ordeals From the Owl Kingdoms
Hello, and welcome to our first roleplay! Thank you for joining us! Tonight's entertainment is titled "Ordeals From the Owl Kingdoms", and is about adventures that a group of owls have as they journey through the Six Kingdoms.

In order to add to the thread, you first must click 'Insert' on the editor, which is directly underneath the bold, italic, and linking format buttons. Then you click 'Template', which is next to the puzzle piece icon, and then type in "Thread-re". From there you can fill in the blanks, or fields, so you can place your reply. To be brief, you put in your username, type in your reply, and put in your signature, if you have one.

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OOC:Um, Lyze? The Pure Ones were founded after the final degeneration of power in the Northern Kingdoms following the War of the Ice Claws. The earliest supremacist ideas in the Greater Kingdom may have sprouted in Hoole's life time, but we can't know for sure. For the purpose of this thread, we'll roll with the earliest supremacist ideas.

Have you read all of the books yet? That may have a part in the continuity error you made. :)

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'Lyze4ever ||Hireclaw || '
OOC:Oops, I see, sometimes its a bit hard to tell when things take place. Not to mention, since there isn't a full record of all that ruled the tree after Hoole, I cant necessary pinpoint exactly how much time took place before all those events. I've read the books, but sometimes I wish they would elaborate on how much time took place between these events. Sorry on my miscalculation!
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The waxing moon was high in the sky, although one could scarcely see it in the thick forests of Ambala. In a grog tree, twelve owls perched, humming and singing along to a ditty they liked to call "Who Killed Ol' Moonface?". As three new owls lighted down, the sots reached their second verse.

"O, who killed ol' Moonface?

Our dear Moonface?

That ol' mooncalf we held dear?

Some say she fought like fire all the way to Hagsmire,

though we all still tremble in fear!"

O fate beheld her, fate beheld her,

like a seagull pellet in the ruff,

some planned to use her, some accused her,

of having attempted to ruff 'em up!"

The three owls who had lighted down looked to one another. One of them drew a dagger.

~ χιόνι Guardian mask Lord of the Countenance
{{{Username:Lyze4ever}}} || {{{2}}}
The grog tree bustled with the song as a disgruntled Greater Sootie, tried his best to ignore the noise. "Glaux, noisy tonight these sots are.." he sighed as he took another sip of bangle. The Greater Sootie Owl was known as Jihn, a hireclaw who's on his break after a tiring task. He only did what was necessary to get by and really had no qualm on whose side it was for, as long as they paid well. As he turned his back to the owls, he mumbled, "Its as if they want to resurrect Moonface from the dead.". Surely, Jihn has heard of 'Moonface' but he'd rather not test his luck on whom he speaks to about her or her past. Death, didn't shake Jihn, but the brutality of 'Moonface' and her owls, did. Craning his neck, Jihn asked for another cup of bangle from the treetender as the night went on.


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The masked owl who drew his dagger scraped it against the bar, mimicking a barn owl's screech. This sound was just enough to silence most of the owls who were singing. A Barn Owl cleared his throat, causing the other owls to turn toward him.

"Thank you so much for that lovely song; I really did enjoy it, but I and my associates here must ask you two things: where did you learn it, and who started it?"

Silence fell over the owls. The Barn Owl churred softly. "You know who you are. Step up!"

Sadly, one owl remained, too intoxicated to stop, and too tired to move, still humming the tune to the song.

Some owls turned, gesturing in panic for him to stop, but the Boreal was too far gone. The Barn Owl shoved through them and confronted the drunken owl.

"My friend, do you know who you're singing about?" the tyto asked him. The Boreal Owl lifted up his head slightly, revealing old and tired eyes.

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Jihn turned to see a group of owls, tytos, causing a stir in the grog tree."No wonder it got quiet. These owls seem like trouble. Poor drunkard."he thought as he put down his cup. Jihn really didnt want to be involved, but he sure wasnt going to have his evening ruined if a fight were to ever break out. With a sigh, Jihn moved from his spot to confront the owl. "Hey, no need to get your feathers in a bunch, he's just drunk, nothing else. Some tea will help him sober up." Jihn stated matter of factly as he patted the Boreal owl on the back.
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OOC: I've noticed you haven't been using the template. Are you having trouble with it?

BIC: The Great Gray bingler shook his head. "Not a drop o' tea left. I brew it myself, you know."

"Wha' 'bout the bangle?" said a Burrowing Owl.

"We haven't got a shipment in nearly a moon. And besides, it never works."

"It worked for my granddad!" exclaimed a Spotted Owl.

"I thought you said it was for your grandmum." said a Long-eared Owl perched next to him.

"You know? Maybe it was..."

"Enough with the bingles an' bangles!! You miss the point! You were singing about an owl who was at one time the leader of an organization called the Tytonic Union of Pure Ones. An organization that my compatriots and I.." he said as they revealed Bhactyrian symbols on their breasts and red cloths tied to their left talons.

"..are quite fond of." The bingler's beak opened in shock as an Elf Owl pushed through the drunkards and took flight.

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=OOC: Um, a bit...I figured out that my computer formats this content to where I have to manually type commands to input a certain feature on the editor. Either that or I still haven't figured this out.. I thought I was supposed to use template thread-re? This isn't it?

Good Glaux, not the pure ones.. Jihn sighed to himself as he noticed the tree started to stir with panic. So much for just getting a drink before I head home. he thought as he looked at the owls around him. He could leave the grog tree like the elf owl before him, but he doesn't want to be the first to go, it should be these owls. What surprised him even more was that there would still be any followers of the pure ones, even after all that has happened in the past. Now they were here, agitated, and in a tree full of drunken but innocent owls.

Jihn, trying to ease the tension, tried to change the subject yet again, "Listen, we're just a bunch of owls having a few drinks and singing a few songs. No harm there. How about I buy you guys a couple cups and leave it at that?" Jihn inquired as he stepped forward. }}}

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"Pshh. Drinks? Glaux doesn't permit owls going into His Holy Priesthood to drink. We came here for another purpose." the Barn Owl snorted.

The bingler raised an eyebrow. "And that might be?"

"None of your business, mooncalf! And besides, Glaux doesn't permit us to take gifts from less-endowed species."

~ χιόνι Guardian mask Lord of the Countenance
Lyze4ever || Hireclaw
Jihn was slightly taken aback by his comment, but decided not to let it get to him. This proves it, they're definitely pure one supporters, strangely religious ones at that. he thought as he took a quick look around the grog tree. "Well, whatever you're here for, make it quick. You've already worn out your welcome amongst these owls." Jihn said as he moved aside. He decided that he'd leave after getting his third cup of bangle. "Excuse me, bingler, I'll take another cup, then I'm leaving." Jihn sighed as he tried his best to ignore the commotion.
~ Lyze4ever (talk)
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The bingler rolled his eyes, while handing the Sooty his drink. "It's always somethin' around here. I wish I could enjoy my dawns instead of... this." <i> </span>
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'Lyze4ever || '
Jihn sighed as he downed the alcohol, "Always something? So you tell me that they've been doing this for quite a while?" He absentmindedly asked the bingler. "Because if this is the case, then there's something not right about the owls visiting this place." Jihn added as he finished his cup. Suddenly, he remembered that he was requested to get nootie cakes for home, "Bingler, by any chance do you serve nootie cakes or do I have to go to the Great Ga'Hoole tree for that business?" he asked the bingler as he stood up to stretch.
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The bingler chuckled. "Nobody goes to the Great Tree without license and means. It's the symbol of th' head of state. I'll have 'em ready in a bit."
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Content with his answer, Jihn nodded as the bingler left. Getting a bit tipsy, Jihn unsheathed his dagger and begn to rake a lazy talon along the blade. In his mind, Jihn started to contemplate about whether he should head home or complete a bounty one last time for the day. Testing his luck, he asked the bingler,"Excuse me but do you know anyone in need of a hireclaw?".
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<i>"You could try Shadow Forest. One of th' only provinces left that haven't outlawed th' practice."
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Jihn was taken back by his comment, he was unaware that being a hireclaw was officially an forbidden practice. "Outlawed? Why so?" he asked while struggling to stand straight. Truly, Jihn wasn't surprised that being a hireclaw was frowned upon, but what truly disturbed him was that hireclaws were hired in his new home of Shadow Forest. That would mean that other working hireclaws would be close to his young sibling and son at home. Completely ignoring his previous question, Jihn continued, "Do you know of any place that could be untouched by this...?.... I have to move soon." He managed to say, starting to succumb to intoxication. Without letting the bingler answer, Jihn staggered away from the bingler, bumping into a few owls as he tried to exit the tree. Unintentionally, he accidentally bumps into one of the 'pure one' supporters as he makes his way to the edge,"Pardon,me ,just.....headin' out" he said as he almost trips over his talons.
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=OOC: Um, Snowstripe? You still there? Havent heard from you in a while and I have time on my hands these days!
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The Barn Owl, obviously confused, hardened his gaze, before being stopped by a Great Gray. "Just turn right around, Tyto." he said, turning to Jihn. "I don't think you want to go anywhere right now." A Screech Owl blocked the entrance. "Yeah, the fun's only begun."
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Jihn scoffed at the sudden intrusion of his chance to return home. He honestly was a tad bit tipsy to be dealing with whatever kind of "fun" these owls were talking about. "I'm pretty sure I do want to go somewhere." Jihn said rather testily, the alcohol not helping his already foul mood. Mustering up the focus to stand straight, " I'd hate to see where this whole situation leads." he said as he takes a look at the gathering of owls ."Besides, we wouldn't want anyone getting "hurt" would we?" he continued reaching for the dagger sheathed away on his back.