Sherman is a male barn owl.He was created by user Sorenrulescool5

Early life Edit

In a diffrent world when the pure ones won the war of the ember,his Mum and Da where killed in a ambush when Tarn was born.Tarn swore to protect his younger brother,the soon to be king.Later,the pure ones attacked Tarn and Sherman's hollow.The two brave brothers,Cavin and Carlos,came to the rescue.While Cavin rescued Tarn,Carlos rescued Sherman.At the time he was still an egg.But 10 weeks later he hatched,and Carlos raised him as the perfect owlet.

The adventure Edit

When he was ten weeks old,he meet Cavin and joined him and Carlos on a mission-to defeat the pure ones and take the ember back to the great tree.But Carlos said to not come because if he couldn't protect himself,he couldn't protect Sherman.But he came and put the adventure in danger because he goofed up.But he went to st.aggies and went face to face with his brother,Tarn and the Striga.He then later got the pure one's himself out of him.He then killed the Striga and Nyra.

Older life Edit

He became king of Ga'hoole after Coryn's death.He is known to be a great king.

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