Sigg is a male Masked Owl character created by OdelayOwl. He was the High Tyto before Kludd, and founder of the Pure Ones. He was also the rescuer - and later mate - of Nyra. Unlike his successors, he was surprisingly orderly when it came to running the Pure Ones, leading to their rise.

History Edit

The Poet Edit

Much of Sigg's history is told through The Poet, a memoir written by his older brother Steig.

Steig describes his brother as "noble" when he was an owlet. He was very creative, and enjoyed learning about linguistics and writing poems. He even showed an interest in visual arts, drawing with claw marks. Alder greatly detested his son's creative nature, telling him Masked Owls were meant to hunt, mate, raise owlets, and were not meant to pursue such flights of fancy. Sigg started to resent his father, pursuing his poetry in protest.

His mother Desiree - the one who taught Sigg how to write - encouraged his creativity, doting over her son. She often described him as being "pure of heart". She taught him about the Legend of Ga'hoole and Glaux. Sigg never showed much interest in Legends, but was fascinated by the fact that his species, the Tyto, was the most evolved from Glaux, having traits that no other owls have.

Alder did not often have long conversations with his mate Desiree, and didn't talk to her much at all, but had four owlets with her nonetheless. Alder often spent much of the night hunting, although Sigg suspected he was out doing something else. His father started leaving the hollow for days at a time, and due to this, the family's two youngest owlets, Otto and Ida, died of starvation and neglect. Sigg was deeply traumatized, never getting over the incident. Steig notes that this was when Sigg began to break, losing his caring and creative personality.

Around this time, Steig and Sigg were almost old enough to fend for themselves. Sigg left first, despite being the younger of the two, and flew around Shadow Forest trying to decide what to do. He often liked to hang around grog trees and listen to the tales the owls would tell. One night, he spotted his father at the grog tree, and listened from a bush. He heard his father bragging about how he killed Desiree in order to be with another, younger mate he had met. Sigg was enraged, but waited until his father flew away from the tree. Sigg killed him, promising to evenge his mother's death.

Sigg often thought about the Guardians of Ga'hoole and their armies, and thought of creating an army himself.

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