Stark is a fan character created by user Lyze4ever. He is a male Barn Owl, and currently lives in Barrens.

History Edit

Stark was born into a pure one family stationed in Tyto Forest, a year before the War of the Ember. His family was stationed there as slipgizzles and would often sneak away to recruit other tytos for the upcoming war. He was secretly taught the ways of the pure ones by his father while his mother was away on business. Growing up, he effortlessly completed the rituals to become a pure one, even his Tupsi after killing an old family friend. Despite being promoted to scout, he wasn't able to participate in any battles, only skirmishes and small tasks such as snatching owlets and taking prisoners. When the War of the Ember occurred, he was unable to make it to the battle in time, and completely missed out on the war. Much to his disappointment, his parents had also perished in the war, and he had brought great shame to the family for failing to participate. When the pure ones disappeared, Stark continued to uphold his pure one beliefs and tries to find ways to redeem himself to the pure ones. He currently lives in the Barrens in search of other remnants of the pure ones that had fled during the battle.

Personality Edit

Being young, Stark is a proud and energetic barn owl with an eagerness for battle. Outgoing and loyal, one could easily confuse him for a good owl, but this is not the case. Stark is only friendly towards tytos, but his attitude to other owls (or classes of tytos) vary. When in the company of other owls, Stark is cold, ruthless and extremely hostile, due to his belief that other owl species are inferior. Despite his brutality, he has a soft spot for owlets, to the point where he would sneak leftovers to the imprisoned owlets that the pure ones would keep. In general, Stark can be unpredictable, tending to be nice one minute, then coldblooded the next.

Appearance Edit

Stark is a full grown barn owl who wears the pure one battle set that consists of a black mask and swift set battle claws. He dyed his underbelly to look pure white and dyed his wingtips with red. On his chest is the pure one insignia painted in red. Stark also wears a torn pure one flag as a scarf-like cape around his neck.

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