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"How old are you, Stone?"

"I am as old as the stone from whence I was born in. I am very, very, very old, and with that age comes wisdom. Perhaps you may receive this wisdom as you get older, given to you by Glaux, and given to me by Araucaria."

- Stone, conversing with Aluco, about his age.


Stone was a male badger, or brock, and a seer. He was native to Tyto Forest, and helped Tiercel and his friends find Scythe, the Rogue Smith of Tyto. He let them sleep in his burrow during the day, while he foraged for food. He told them that Scythe was a very solitary owl, and hardly anyone came to him for battle claws. Despite this, they happened upon the white pine tree he lived in. He tried to fight them off, but Euther held him down while Tiercel explained to him that they were not enemies. Stone was last seen when they left Tyto Forest, following the River Hoole, and he told them: "Let the Great Pines guide you, all trees bow to their King!".