Sturla, formally called Strix Sturla, is a young male Spotted Owl and a son of Otulissa and Cleve. He has three siblings: two sisters named Emerilla and Valka, and a brother named Cleveland.

He's good friends with Kanwar, one of Digger's sons. He eventually becomes good friends with Jascon and Edda as well.

Personality Edit

Sturla is very smart but prone to being a bit prissy like his mother, and has a good sense of logic and resentment for war like his father. He's not a very bookish owl, instead learning best by testing things out and exploring.

History Edit

Sturla was born to Otulissa and Cleve after the events of The War of the Ember. (It is mentioned in the Lost Tales of Ga'hoole that Otulissa had laid four eggs.) He and his siblings are taught to become fluent in both Hoolian and Krakish. They grow up in the Great Ga'hoole Tree, training to be in chaws. Sturla gets tapped for the navigation chaw.