"May the moon be with you and your gizzards guide you" - Taiga leaving her group of Heddvens to return to Silverveil

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Taiga is a mixed breed of a Screech-owl and Tyto. Her father Solayr is a Tyto and her mother Dawn is a Screech Owl.


My Ma and Da

Her feathers are several shades of grey, on top her head is a flurry of baby chick white feathers with one chunk tied with a gold bangle, Her mother told her it would bring her luck. Her legs are white skinned adorned with black talons, these were inherited by her father. Her feathered "horns" were painted with white stripes during her time with a clan of Heddvens. She also has golden wolf-like eyes grant her the widsom of starsight on command.

She wears a black laced harness that she attaches medallions and "Nix (Little pieces of nature that she finds valuable)" to. She also carries a bag full of special items she collects, from shiny rocks to "pure flecks" Pure flecks are magnetized shards of Opalite found in the Cave of Colours.

Attached to her harness is a moon medallion that she crafted herself from "Pure flecks" and black iron, During the full moon it charges up and strengthens her Gizzard till the next full moon. This grants her special powers, Such as fast-flight and Lunabane (An aura that protects her against attacks)

"Welcome to Paradyse Falls"

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Taiga Wylvern and affiliated characters are made by Kiba Spiritstone.


Taiga's Nix