The Owls of Ga'hoole amino Edit

Hello, We the Leaders of the Owl's of Ga'hoole Amino was kindly given permission to make this page advertising our Amino. Our Amino is the first and only Owls of Ga'hoole amino the Amino is mainly lead by a user by the name of SkyStar and secondarily lead by a user named Firefly. On this amino You can post anything related to the Guardians Of Ga'Hoole series from fan art to Oc's to Fanfictions to Rp.

The Amino chaws Edit

The amino has four Chaws at the moment, Feature Chaw lead by Puzuru, Guard Chaw lead by a user named Bloom, Art chaw lead by Firefly, And Writing Chaw lead by a user named Sirena.

Feature Chaw is the team that puts a hashtag that ups your chances of getting featured.

Guard Chaw patrols the Amino making sure everyone is safe and following the Guidelines.

Art chaw is the chaw where Members talk about art.

And finally The Writing Chaw where members can talk about their writing and others as well.

*Please note that there are sign ups for these Chaws.*

Do you have any question's? Edit

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask either here or on the amino.

Thank you and i hope to see you on the amino soon.

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