Tiercel Blacktalon, or simply Tiercel, is a kestrel, and ally to the Guardians. As a chick, he was living in Ambala with his siblings Rocc, Thunder, (his older sisters) Canicia and Scipio (his younger sister and brother) and his mother Scandimore. Before he and his siblings even hatched, his mother and father began to quarrel constantly, and right before Rocc hatched, his father had told his mother he had found a new mate. However, during one very windy afternoon, the pine tree which had held Tiercel's hollow was blown over, and Scandimore abandoned the nest while the tree fell, and all of Tiercel's siblings fell to their deaths.

Hours later, Tiercel came to, and saw his wing had broken. He also noticed buzzards flying overhead, waiting for him to die. Just as they had swooped down on him, a Guardian Barn Owl named Orlando came in and chased them off. After Tiercel had explained to the owl his situation, Orlando decided to take him back to the Great Tree to have his wing repaired. 

More Coming Soon

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