Tytodyre, born Nyrad, is a Barn Owl and the High Tyto of the First Quadrant Northeastern USA Tytonic Union, a small faction of the Pure One movment based in real-world USA. Tytodyre was created in a spinoff of Odelayowl's Guardians-inspired story Travellers of Mac'Greer, a story of travelling owls who explore the real world. He was given his own story, centering around him, his Pure Ones, and the struggles of the young owl unwillingly chosen to be his successor, Dragon.

Under Tytodyre's rule are Dhaval, Dragon, Ernwise, Jackal, Gabber and Malcolm.

Description Edit

Tytodyre has overall off-white feathers and a white chest, with the beige eye markings of most Barn Owls. He has bright blue eyes and a normal, pinkish beak. He and his fellow Pure Ones paint the edges and ridges of their facial discs with black paint or ink, making them stand out, which acts as a sort of gang symbol for identification. He bares more similarities to Barn Owls in the movie then in the books.

He speaks Tolvdom, a slang borrowing from Norwegian, Russian and British terminology.

Trivia Edit

  • In his earlier designs, he had tears of blood continually flowing from his eyes. This was later scrapped, but in his past he did almost have an owl (Verral) gouge out his eyes, damaging his tear ducts and eyelids.